Develop products of excellent quality, following the trends of the market or creating customized solutions operating with efficiency and flexibility with our clients, creating adapted solutions.
Quality Policies
LD Portas LDA. has developed a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001. The company favors the continuous improvement of its processes and products. It adopts the principles of "Process Management" and builds a culture of continuous improvement within the organization..
What we do
We are specialists in the manufacture of components of carpentry and elements of construction such as:
  • Components Carpentry Components: doors, hoops, trimmings, skirting boards and other ...
  • Building elements: Blocosport, modular kitchen, integrated wardrobes and furniture components.
We started a new project in this area of activity about a decade ago, in a process of continuity of experience and dynamism, acquired by the current team over a lifetime of work in this area. The great asset of our company is our professional team, young, dynamic and organized, with a work capacity that is reflected in quality products recognized by our customers.

We are equipped with an industrial structure adjusted to the needs and current technology, which together with the human resources allows us to sustain the main pillars of action:
  • Product quality;
  • Process efficiency;
  • Flexibility to the demands of the market;
  • Professionalism.

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